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Xiba River, Kunming, China

Treatment Objectives:

•Reduce Levels of Pollutants in River: BOD, COD, Total Nitrogen, Phosphate, Total Suspended Solids, etc.
•Restore Habitat Suitable for Higher Microscopic Life Forms and Other Aquatic Life
•Reduce Odors in the Vicinity of the River


•Treat Flowing River Without Impeding Flow, with Minimum Disruption to River and Surrounding Areas
•Treat at Reasonable, Sustainable Costs

Treatment Program:

•Model River, Establish Monitoring Points to Prove Effectiveness of Model
•Use “Bio-Media Zones” to Establish Fixed Film to
•Treat river in media zones and…
•Release microorganisms to treat river further downstream of media zones


•Significantly Reduced Odors in First 30 Days
•Up to 60% Reduction in Most Pollutants
•Higher Life Forms Returned After 60 Days
•Aquatic Life Began to Thrive After 90 Days
•“The Toxicity Was Eliminated from the River” – Dr. Hu Kaelin, Professor, University of Kunming
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