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Blue Planet Asia – proud to be Aquaclean's exclusive distributor in Indochina market

Blue Planet Labs provides environmentally safe solutions for industrial, agricultural and residential wastewater management, hazardous waste and pollution remediation as well as soil remediation for crop growth enhancement. Blue Planet's principal products are natural bacteria formulas sold under the AquaClean brand name. AquaClean’s core products are a unique consortium of bio-cultures that contains highly effective Aerobic, Anaerobic, Facultative, Chemo-synthetic and Photosynthetic micro-organisms that are perfectly safe for Humans, Animals, Aquatic and Plant life.

BluePlanet Asia holds the exclusive Indochina marketing, sales and distribution rights for AquaClean and the products are developed and manufactured by Blue Planet Labs in the United States. They have been proven, with 42 years of successful in market trial and usage, to be extremely effective in a broad spectrum of treatments of wastewater for Residential, Municipal, Industrial and Agricultural applications.

AquaClean essentially digests biological and solid wastes, converting them back into their harmless basic elements. AquaClean was developed to specifically reduce Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD), Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD), and Total Suspended Solids, as well as treat Phenolic wastes, biodegrade hydrogen sulfide and other various pollutants. AquaClean’s effects are dramatic and cost efficient as such, BluePlanet designs and markets bio-tech solutions for a variety of specialty applications.


·  Aquaclean ACF32 contains 32 bacteria species of aerobic, facultative anaerobic, heterotrophic, chemo and photosynthetic that are selected ensuring effective application in a wide range of wastewater system.

·  Aquaclean ACF-SC-MARINE is enriched with cellulose digesting bacteria, and has an extremely high count of heterotrophic, chemolithotrophic (nitrifying bacteria), aerobic, facultative, facultative-anaerobic and photosynthetic bacteria.

·  Aquaclean ACF-SA is an environmentally friendly, unique formula of aerobic, facultative and facultative-anaerobic as well as photo and chemosynthetic bacteria, blended with a vary rare humus derived from a leonardite deposit with a high concentration of humic acid and lower level of ash.

·  Aquaclean ACF-PAC seeds and maintains biological filters, improving overall function; that can be used in tanks, raceways, lagoons, ponds and pools.

·  Aquaclean OC contains active natural organic based humic constituents, fulvic acids, un-reactive lignin and specialized Bacillus species.

·  Aquaclean AD ACTIVATOR  is an environmentally friendly, unique formula of naturally occurring micro and macro nutrients required for efficient sludge digestion, particularly in anaerobic digesters.   

·  Aquaclean NITRIFIER ACTIVATOR is an environmentally friendly, unique formula of naturally occurring nutrients used to stimulate the biochemical reactions of nitrifying bacteria.

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