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Aquaclean Bacteria is a brand name of environmentally safe solutions for industrial, agricultural and residential wastewater management, hazardous waste and pollution remediation as well as soil remediation for crop growth enhancement. Aquaclean was produced by Blue Planet LLC, USA from 1974. AquaClean’s core products are a unique consortium of bio-cultures that contains highly effective Aerobic, Anaerobic, Facultative, Chemo-synthetic and Photosynthetic micro-organisms that are perfectly safe for Humans, Animals, Aquatic and Plant life.

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Penang Flood Retention Pond - Malaysia

Significantly reduced BOD and COD, by 90% in 8 months

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Construction and Demolition Landfill Construction Recovery Disposal Facility, USA

ACF-32 & ACF-SA diluted and applied through injection wells

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Xiba River, Kunming, China

Reduce Levels of Pollutants in River: BOD, COD, Total Nitrogen, Phosphate, Total Suspended Solids, etc.

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Korean Anaerobic Digester

Reduced sludge generation, lowering handling and removal cost by 40%

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Rousínov Wws – Czech

System designed to create aerobic zone for BOD Removal and Nitrification, flowing to anoxic zone for denitrification…

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